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FUJIACE (Brake system, Battery, Lubricant, Suspension, Waterpump, Rubber parts & hose & wheel bearing).

As inflation rate increase, slowing down in the growth of GDP in many countries. FujiAce ™ was established in 2007 , in order to cater to the different needs in the market.

We are committed to source consistently for the best quality product for our customer. On the other hand, not forgetting the affordability of the product.

FujiAce values the trust that our customer placed in us, thus we are also consistently upgrading and expanding our product quality and product range.

FujiAce Semi-Metallic (SM)

FujiAce Semi-Metallic (SM) is a formula used in general vehicles.

FujiAce (SM) uses high-quality metal powder in order to produce a long-lasting braking effect.

It is extremely suitable and adaptable across all different weather conditions and it’s commonly used in commercial vehicles worldwide. Greatly known for its durability and affordability.

FujiAce Ceramic (NAO)

FujiAce Ceramic (NAO) is specially formulated to withstand higher temperature.

It is unlike fully ceramic disc pad, commonly used for F1 racing which produces loud noise when brake is applied. Our special formula found breakthrough; by giving driver the great braking power but yet Zero noise.

FujiAce (NAO) have been tested and proven to work efficiently up to 600 Degree Celsius.

It is often used for street racing and yet affordable for all passenger vehicles.


FujiAce Disc rotor uses high quality material. All FujiAce Disc rotor goes though highest Quality-control (QC) to make sure every piece is fault-free. Due to its strict QC, we are known for good durability and quality; thus, claiming almost zero claim.  


Due to the change in market, and greater demand for higher spec disc rotor. We have successfully launch FujiAce Sports series disc rotor many years back. It is formulated to withstand higher temperature up to 800 degree.

Slotted line improves bites and reduce stopping distance. 

Drilled holes release the heat trapped and reduce pressured stress on the disc.

Cross grinding improves bedding process to provide a quiet and stable stop.

FujiAce Battery

FUJIACE Battery ties up with reputable,reliable and strong manufacturers. We produces high tech and durable automotive batteries.

Our batteries comes in various sizes ranging from 7-plate batteries to 33-plate batteries which cater for a wide range vehicles from small passenger vehicles , heavy duty trucks to buses

  • Brake Master Cylinder Assembly 
  • Wheel Cylinder Assembly
  • Clutch Master Cylinder Assembly
  • Clutch Slave Cylinder Assembly
  • Tandem Brake Master Cylinder Repair Kit
  • Single Brake Master Cylinder Repair Kit
  • Wheel Cylinder Cup Kit
  • Caliper Seal Kit
  • Clutch Master Cylinder Repair Kit
  • Clutch Operating Cylinder Repair Kit
  • Upper control arm
  • Lower control arm
  • Compensator arm
  • Tie rod end
  • Ball Joint
  • Stabilizer Link
  • Shock absorber

Water Pump

Water pump is suitable for all automotive vehicles. It plays a vital role in circulating coolant around the engine. The coolant absorbed the heat produced by the engine through the radiator before returning to the engine.

  • Radiator Hose
  • Fuel Hose and Vacuum Hose
  • Flexible Air Hose ( Reinforced With Spring )
  • Straight Hose
  • Custom Make Hose
  • L Hose
  • Carmat
  • Mudflap
  • Other Extruded Or Moulded Products.